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Hi Rollers!

You have found Australia's newest roller skating association.  We are an inclusive group of passionate roller skaters connecting the community through roller dance. 

Looking for skate mates?

You have come to the right place.  This is a place where recreational roller skating meets jam skating, meets roller dance; giving you groovy, disco vibes. 

Roller Dance Australia Inc has been created for you, our skate mates, to connect and skate.   We came together in 2022 with a common goal to skate, dance and share our passion with you.  After being chased off some of the local netball courts and carparks around Brisbane because we weren't 'official', we made ourselves official and Roller Dance Australia Inc was born.  We are now a fully registered (and insured) Incorporated Association and the first of its kind in Australia, continually looking for cool places to skate and learn new dance moves together.  We are also a not for profit and have received our Australian Registered Body status.  ARBN 673 353 065.

You may have seen us popping  up around Brisbane under our Secret Roller Disco banner.  Join our Facebook Group for the next pop up disco location.  We announce them every Tuesday and they are held every Sunday evening (rain, hail, or shine).    We also have monthly indoor discos that you won't want to miss!!  Check out our Events page for tickets.  




Wanna know where our Secret Roller Disco will be popping up next?  Join our Facebook group.  We announce our Sunday locations each Tuesday.   Subscribe to our emails to get early bird access to our community events and epic roller discos.

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