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Roller Dance Australia Sponsors

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us either in person at our events or through sponsorship.  If you would like to become one of our sponsors, either financial or other, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.

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The Rollerskating Academy - run by @cherskater

The Rollerskating Academy was founded by Sofia Cherchyk.  It is a safe space for you to learn all about Rollerskating in Brisbane!  Their lessons are made to fit people of all levels - from the absolute beginner to a professional, presenting challenges for both of them. Whether you would like to become a confident skater or want to challenge yourself with new tricks, there is a class for you at The Roller Skating Academy.

To learn more about The Rollerskating Academy, contact Sofi directly.

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Impala Skates

Vintage Inspired Roller Skates

Impala is for everyone – whether you’re into roller skating, inline skating, or Skateboarding, it’s all about having fun. With a nostalgic throwback to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Impala is bringing back the yesteryears of skate. Impala is driven by a team of girls with a passion for skating and it's our mission to help support a positive and encouraging community for skaters of all levels. Our range of recreational roller skates are made for fun!

To learn more about Impala Skates, visit their website.

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Extreme Skates - Your Local Skate Store

Whether you’re buying rollerskates, a skateboard, scooter or rollerblades, Extreme Skates staff take great pride in giving our customers the confidence to make their own choices. You can drop by our shop in Brisbane store for a chat or call us on 1800 204 341. If you’re looking for something we don’t have online, let us know and we’ll find it for you!

To learn more about Extreme Skates or shop their wide collection of anything 'skate', visit their store.

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Skate Pink - Rollerskating Accessory Store

Skate cute with this cute store for rollerskate accessories.  Skate slings, charms, laces, toe stops, skate dye, skate fluffs, tees and sooooo much more.  This is your newest skate accessory store.

To learn more about Skate Pink visit their store.

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