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Connecting our community through Roller Dance

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Connecting our community through roller dance is our passion.  You may have seen us around Brisbane, sneaking onto netball courts and popping up in event spaces putting on epic roller discos.   

First registered as an Incorporated Association with the Qld government in 2022 and then in January 2024 we gained our not for profit status as a Registered Australian Body. 

We are Roller Dance Australia Inc.  

Roller Dance Australia Inc was established to facilitate inclusive community connection through roller dance.​​

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Come and meet us


Heidi Owen

Founder & President

  • Heidi is on Instagram

A passionate roller skater with a journey deeply rooted in nostalgia and a love for movement on wheels. Just like many skaters, my story began in the 80s. My first pair of skates, adorned with Cabbage Patch Kids motifs, marked the initiation of a lifelong love affair with roller skating.

The 90s brought me back to the rink during my high school years, where Wednesday afternoons at Skateway Mt Gravatt and Friday disco skates were cherished traditions. These memories are etched in my mind, creating a lasting connection to the joy of roller skating.

Fast forward to the challenges posed by the pandemic, and roller skating became my escape. Rediscovering the basics at Rollerfit fuelled my passion, and now I'm a regular in Sofi's inspiring classes at The Roller Skating Academy.

Driven by a dream shared with other Founding Members, we envisioned creating a space where skaters or all abilities can come together to learn and grow.  Countless coffee and cake meetings later, RDA Inc was born—a place where we connect our community with roller dance and host epic roller discos.

My favourite saying echoes my adventurous spirit and determination to turn any surface into a skating opportunity. 

Favourite saying - " I could skate on that."

Fave set up - Wifa Street Boots in Rose Quartz.  Avanti Magnesium plate, Better Bearings Lickety Splits and Luminous Wheels for discos, simply because they glow and Fundaes for smoooothness everywhere else. 

Sofi Cherchyk

Vice President & Creative Director

  • Sofi is on Instagram

From the moment I laced up my skates at the age of 5, roller skating became not just a passion but a way of life. As I grew, so did my love for the sport. I jumped from international level competitor to coach and artistic competitions judge.

When my journey led me to Australia, I found myself immersed in a new culture, with different language and traditions, but I found myself easily connecting with the  vibrant roller skating divers community I found. However, I yearned to create a space where skaters of all ages, backgrounds, and styles could come together to celebrate our shared love for roller skating while learning in a supportive and mindful environment, that's where I created The Roller Skating Academy.

Our mission, is to break down barriers and unite skaters and dancers from all walks of life. That is where I met the rest of RDA team. They opened my eyes into new opportunities to help build up a safe space for all skaters to gather and enjoy and thrive together. And just like that, I became part of the team.

For the RDA goal is to honour the past, inspire the present, and pioneer the future of roller skaters in the community while giving them an opportunity to connect.

To me, skating goes beyond just gliding on wheels. It's a tool for building social connections, improving mental health and self-esteem, and fostering resilience.

Favourite saying: "Never look down"

Fav set up: mora touch dance boots, roll line dance plates, and 101 bones wheels.


Suhelen Barros

Founder & Secretary

  • Sue is on Instagram

Sue’s roller-skating journey started in June 2021.  Before that, she rollerbladed but never thought she could roller skate as her feet are not friends with heels.


After finding the right skates and orthotics she realised it was possible to skate free of pain and then the real fun begun.  Sue immigrated to Australia by herself in 2018 and found in the skate community a great way of making friends and connecting other passions such as disco music, deep house and music festivals.

Her goal is to foster the roller dance culture in Brisbane creating events where people can enjoy upbeat music and feel free to express themselves through dancing, fashion, art or however they feel like it, as long as they do it on wheels!

Favourite saying - " Funk me, let's disco!"

Fave set up - Wifa Street Deluxe boots in honey, Roll-line Dance plate, Better Bearings Lickety Splits and Roll-Line Ice Wheels 90A, 63mm or Luminous Wheels

Cat Headshot Neon.png

Cat Lee

Founder & Social Media Manager

  • Cat is on Instagram

Cat is a rollerskating enthusiast whose journey on wheels began in mid- 2021. Picking up inspiration from international rollerskaters dominating her Instagram feed during lockdowns, Cat purchased a pair of second-hand Impalas and bravely hit the local netball courts to try her luck. Motivated by the friendly skating community in Brisbane, rollerskating soon became her favourite hobby, and one she is very passionate about.


In addition to learning new dance sequences, Cat enjoys editing footage from each Secret Roller Disco to post on RDA's social media accounts, organizing the weekly events on Facebook, and getting to know all of our the new members. 

Favourite saying - "Can I add this song to the playlist?"

Fave set up - Moxi Lolly in Strawberry, Powderdyne Thrust plate, Bont Glow and Luminous Wheels

Want to join our volunteer team?

As a volunteer group, we would never say no to a little helping hand.  We are always looking for cool people to help organise our events in any capacity.  Please email us

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